This site is a product of TargetSmart, a Democratic political data and data services firm.


Insights is a first-of-its-kind data analysis tool that gives reporters, political practitioners, and the public unfettered access to topline voter data that were previously only available to TargetSmart clients. This tool presents vote history data from the 2014 midterm election, 2016 general election, and 2018 midterm election. The interactive dashboards include state-by-state analyses covering vote share and turnout for wealth of demographic data and can be broken down by multiple sub-groups, including age, race, gender, voter score, party rollup, and urbanicity.


Insights is a product of TargetSmart, a Democratic political data and data services firm. At TargetSmart, we make data better every day. Making better data helps our clients make the right decisions, define their audiences more intelligently, and communicate in a more impactful and cost-effective way. TargetSmart’s expert team of data, political, direct marketing, and technical professionals wakes up every day with one objective: to help our clients win with data.


Insights grew out of TargetSmart analyses of 2018 voter data that we were performing internally and for our clients. We've decided to make this information publicly available because we believe in empowering reporters, political practitioners, and the public with key voter data that can be helpful in a variety of capacities, including reporting and campaign decisions. TargetSmart firmly believes that voting is a fundamental right that should be celebrated, protected, and expanded. Our hope is that Insights will provide useful analyses and motivate more Americans to participate in the process.


Insights data is collected from each state’s official election authority’s reporting. That data is typically collected from state and county election offices.

Tom Bonier, CEO, TargetSmart

Meet Tom!

Tom Bonier is a veteran Democratic political strategist and TargetSmart’s Chief Executive Officer. Prior to TargetSmart, Tom co-founded Clarity Campaign Labs in 2012 and helped build it into one of the nation’s leading Democratic analytics and research firms. He has spent more than 20 years working in Democratic and progressive politics. Prior to Clarity, Bonier served as Chief Operating Officer at the National Committee for an Effective Congress (NCEC). Throughout his career, Bonier has received numerous awards for his contributions to political campaigning, redistricting, and strategic planning. He has also appeared as a commentator for multiple publications, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and Politico, as well as on-air on “News Hour” on PBS and “All Things Considered” on National Public Radio.

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